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Fathers of the different Subjects

Listed father of all subjects in Hindi /  सभी विषयों के जनक , Subjects and their Father means their Discoverer.

Subject and Father of Subject

SN Subject Father of Subject
SN1 SubjectPhysics Father of SubjectAlbert Einstein/ Newton
SN2 SubjectTrigonometry Father of SubjectHipparchu
SN3 SubjectStatistics Father of SubjectRonald Fisher
SN4 SubjectAyurveda Father of SubjectCharak /Dhanvantri
SN5 SubjectBiology Father of SubjectAristotle
SN6 SubjectGeometry Father of SubjectEuclid
SN7 SubjectElectronics Father of SubjectTomlinson
SN8 SubjectGenetics Father of SubjectGregor Johann Mendel
SN9 SubjectArchitecture Father of SubjectImhotep
SN10 SubjectRobotics Father of SubjectAl- Jazari
SN11 SubjectZoology Father of SubjectAristotle
SN12 SubjectHistory Father of SubjectHerodotus
SN13 SubjectEconomics Father of SubjectAdam Smith
SN14 SubjectInternet Father of SubjectVinton cerf
SN15 SubjectBotany Father of SubjectTheophrastus
SN16 SubjectMicro Biology Father of SubjectLouis Pasteur
SN17 SubjectElectricity Father of SubjectBenjamin Franklin
SN18 SubjectAlgebra Father of SubjectDiophantus
SN19 SubjectBlood Groups Father of SubjectLandsteiner
SN20 SubjectRobotics Father of SubjectNikola Tesla
SN21 SubjectVideo Game Father of SubjectThomas T Goldsmith Jr
SN22 SubjectSearch Engine Father of SubjectAlan Emtage
SN24 SubjectWorld wide web Father of SubjectTim Berners Lee
SN25 SubjectC language Father of SubjectDenis Ritchie
SN26 SubjectPeriodic table Father of SubjectDamitri Mendeleev
SN27 SubjectMathematics Father of SubjectArchimedes
SN28 SubjectGreen Revolution Father of SubjectNorman Ernest
SN28 SubjectIndian Constitution Father of SubjectDr B R Ambedkar
SN29 SubjectHomeopathy Father of SubjectSamuel Hahnemann
SN30 SubjectLaw Father of SubjectCicero
SN31 SubjectGreen Revolution in India Father of SubjectM S Swaminathan
SN32 SubjectMedicine Father of SubjectHippocrate
SN33 SubjectNanotechnology Father of SubjectRichard smalley
SN34 SubjectTaxonomy Father of SubjectCarolus Linnaeus
SN35 SubjectModern Chemistry Father of SubjectAntoin Lavosier
SN36 SubjectParliament Father of SubjectBritain
SN37 SubjectPolitical science Father of SubjectAristotle
SN38 SubjectSociology Father of SubjectAuguste Comte
SN39 SubjectGeography Father of SubjectEratosthenes
SN40 SubjectOlympic Games Father of SubjectPiare de Cubartin
SN41 SubjectSanskrit Grammar Father of SubjectPanini
SN42 SubjectModern Chemistry Father of SubjectAntoine Lavosier
SN43 SubjectCivil Service Father of SubjectLord Carnvalis
SN44 SubjectAyurveda Father of SubjectDhanvantri
SN45 SubjectTheory of Evolution Father of SubjectCharles Darvin
SN46 SubjectCivics Father of SubjectBenjamin Franklin
SN47 SubjectArt Father of SubjectPablo Picasso
SN48 SubjectPhilosophy Father of SubjectSocrates
SN49 SubjectMobile Phone Father of SubjectMartin Copper
SN50 SubjectModern Painting Father of SubjectNand Lal Boss

SN Subject Father of Subject
SN1 SubjectAtomic Energy Father of SubjectDr Homi Jahangir Bhabha
SN2 SubjectIdealisms Father of SubjectHegale
SN3 SubjectWhite Revolution Father of SubjectDr Bargis Kourian
SN4 SubjectModern Republic Father of SubjectAmerica
SN5 SubjectModern Education Father of SubjectCharles Grant
SN6 SubjectModern Liberalism Father of SubjectJohn Lock
SN7 SubjectModern Classification Father of SubjectCarolus Linnaeus
SN8 SubjectPsychology Father of SubjectGregor Johann Mendel
SN9 SubjectEnglish Grammar Father of SubjectLindley Murray
SN10 SubjectLinguistics Father of SubjectNoam Chomsky
SN11 SubjectJournalism Father of SubjectJoseph Pulitzer
SN12 SubjectModern physics Father of SubjectGalileo Galilei
SN13 SubjectModern Astronomy Father of SubjectNicolas Copernicus
SN14 SubjectComputer Science Father of SubjectGeorg Boole And Alan Turning
SN15 SubjectNuclear science Father of SubjectMarie Curies and Pierre Curies
SN16 SubjectAmerican Football Father of SubjectWaletr Camp
SN17 SubjectScientific management Father of SubjectFrederick winslow Taylor
SN18 SubjectAmerican constitution Father of SubjectJames Madion
SN19 SubjectNumbers Father of SubjectPythagoras
SN20 SubjectLaptop Father of SubjectBill Moggridge
SN21 SubjectModern Olympics Father of SubjectPierre de Coubertin
SN22 SubjectElectronics Father of SubjectMichael Faraday
SN23 SubjectWalter camp Father of SubjectGeoffrey Chaucer
SN24 SubjectNuclear Physics Father of SubjectErnest Rutherford
SN25 SubjectAlgebra Father of SubjectMohammed Izmmussel
SN26 SubjectPsychology Father of SubjectSigmund Freud
SN27 SubjectPlastic surgery Father of SubjectSir Harold Gillies
SN28 SubjectSurgery Father of SubjectSushruta
SN29 SubjectGazal Father of SubjectMirza Galib
SN30 SubjectArchaeology Father of SubjectWilliam Flinders Petrie>
SN31 SubjectHindi Grammar Father of SubjectBhartendu Harishchander>
SN32 SubjectEnglish Language Father of SubjectGeoffrey Chaucer
SN33 SubjectMensuration Father of SubjectLeonard Digges
SN34 SubjectProbability Father of SubjectGirolamo Cardno
SN35 SubjectEnglish Grammar Father of SubjectLindely Murray
SN36 SubjectHumanism Father of SubjectFransisco Petrarca
SN37 SubjectNew France Father of SubjectSamuel de Champlain
SN38 SubjectNuclear chemistry Father of SubjectOtto Hahn
SN39 SubjectIndia Father of SubjectMohan Das Karam chand Gandhi
SN40 SubjectPakistan Father of SubjectQuaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

यह थी जानकारी Father of all subjects in Hindi /    सभी विषयों के जनक

यह भी जरुर पढ़ें  :-

Full Forms and Abbreviations

                          3                            4             

 5                          7                            8                  


 सामान्य ज्ञान अतिमहत्व पूर्ण प्रश्न


 1                           6                            11                   

12                         13                          14           

 15                        16                          17                          

18                         19                          20                          

21                         22                          23                         

 24                        25                          26                        

 27                        30                          31             

32                         34                          35                           

36                         37                          38                          

39                         40                          45                  

46                         47                          48                    

52                         53                          54                         

55                         57


हिमाचल प्रदेश सामान्य ज्ञान 

42                      43                       44                   

50                      51                       56                   

 60                     61                       64                  

66                      69                       73                   

76                      79                       84                  

86                      90                       95                    


Long Articles 

9                         10                             28                       

29                       41                             80


Multiple choice Questions    


58                       59                                63                        

65                       67                                68                        

70                       71                                 75                       

87                        88                                89                        

91                        92                               93                         

100                      102                            103                         

General Science MC Questions and Answers

72                        74                          94              


Indian Constitution Questions and Answers



 Mahatma Gandhi Related Questions Answers

96                         97                   


  History Questions and Answers              

 62                       83                          99          


Current Affairs Questions Answers

 49                          77                           78                    

 81                           82                          85                      


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