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Fathers of the different Subjects

Listed father of all subjects in Hindi /  सभी विषयों के जनक ,subjects and their father means their discoverer.

S N Subject  /Father of Subject

1 Who is known as  Father of  Physics  ?    
  Albert Einstein/ Newton

2  Who is known as  Father of  Trigonometry  ? 
 Hipparchu is known as  Father of Trigonometry  .

 Who is known as    Father of  Statistics    ? 
Ronald Fisher  is known as  Father of Statistics  

 Who is known as   Father of   Ayurveda  ?                    
Charak /Dhanvantri  is known as  Father of   Ayurveda

 Who is known as   Father of   Biology ?                
  Aristotle  is known as  Father of   Biology

6 Who is known as  Father of   Electronics ?                     
Tomlinson  is known as  Father of Electronics
 Who is known as   Father of   Geometry  ?                      
Euclid is known as  Father of  Geometry 

 Who is known as   Father of   Genetics   ?                       
Gregor Johann Mendel is known as  Father of  Genetics 

9  Who is known as   Father of   Architecture ?                 
Imhotep is known as  Father of Architecture

10  Who is known as  Father of   Robotics ?                          
Al- Jazari is known as  Father of   Robotics 

11 Who is known as  Father of   Zoology ?                       
Aristotle is known as  Father of   Zoology 

12 Who is known as  Father of   History     ?                   
Herodotus is known as  Father of   History   

13 Who is known as  Father of   Economics  ?                
Adam Smith is known as  Father of   Economics 

14 Who is known as  Father of   Internet ?                     
 Vinton cerf is known as  Father of   Internet

15 Who is known as   Father of   Botany    ?                   
Theophrastus  is known as   Father of   Botany  

16 Who is known as   Father of   Micro Biology ?            
Louis Pasteur is known as   Father of   Micro Biology

17 Who is known as  Father of   Electricity ?                  
 Benjamin Franklin is known as  Father of   Electricity 

18 Who is known as   Father of   Algebra ?                      
 Diophantus is known as   Father of   Algebra 

19 Who is known as  Father of   Blood Groups ?            
Landsteiner is known as  Father of   Blood Groups

20 Who is known as   Father of   Robotics ? 
Nikola Tesla is known as   Father of   Robotics 

21 Who is known as  Father of   Video Game  ?
    Thomas T Goldsmith Jr is known as   Father of    Video Game  .

22 Who is known as   Father of  Father of   Search Engine ?           
Alan Emtage is known as   Father of  Father of   Search Engine 

23 Who is known as   Father of  World wide web ?         
Tim Berners Lee is known as   Father of   World wide web 

24 Who is known as   Father of   C language ?                  
Denis Ritchie  is known as   Father of   C language .

25 Who is known as   Father  Periodic table  ?            
Damitri Mendeleev is known as   Father  Periodic table .

26 Who is known as   Father of  Mathematics  ?               Archimedes is known as   Father of  Mathematics.

27 Who is known as   Father of  Green Revolution  ?              Norman Ernest Borlaug is known as   Father of  Green Revolution 

28 Who is known as    Father of Indian Constitution   ?                    Dr B R Ambedkar  is known as    Father of Indian Constitution  

29 Who is known as   Father of  Homeopathy ?                              Samuel Hahnemann  is known as   Father of  Homeopathy

30 Who is known as   Father of  Law    ?                                         Cicero  is known as   Father of  Law .

31 Father of  Green Revolution in India          M  S Swaminathan

32 Father of  Medicine                                    Hippocrate

33 Father of Nanotechnology                         Richard smalley

34 Father of Taxonomy                                  Carolus Linnaeus

35 Father of Modern Chemistry                     Antoin Lavosier

36 Father of   Parliament                                 Britain

37 Father of   Political science                        Aristotle

38 Father of Sociology                                   Auguste Comte

39 Father of  Geography                                 Eratosthenes

40 Father of   Olympic Games                        Piare de Cubartin

41 Father of  Sanskrit Grammar                     Panini

42 Father of  Modern Chemistry                    Antoine Lavosier

43 Father of  Civil Service                             Lord Carnvalis

44 Father of  Ayurveda                                   Dhanvantri     
45 Father of Theory of Evolution                  Charles Darvin

46 Father of Zoology                                      Aristotle

47 Father of  Homeopathy                             Samuel Hahnemann

48 Father of Civics                                         Benjamin Franklin

49 Father of Art                                              Pablo Picasso

50 Father of Philosophy                                 Socrates

51 Father of Mobile Phone                            Martin Copper

52 Father of  Modern Painting                       Nand Lal Boss

53 Father of  Indian Constitution                   Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar

54 Father of Atomic Energy                          Dr Homi Jahangir Bhabha

55 Father of Idealisms                                   Hegale

56 Father of  White Revolution                    Dr Bargis Kourian

57 Father of Modern Republic                     America

58 Father of Modern Education                  Charles Grant

59 Father of Modern Liberalism                 John Lock

60 Father of  Modern Classification           Carolus Linnaeus

61  Father of  Psychology                           Wilhelm Wundt

62 Father of  English Grammar                    Lindley Murray

63 Father of  Linguistics                               Noam Chomsky

64 Father of Journalism                                Joseph Pulitzer

65 Father of Archaeology                            William Flinders Petrie

66 Father of Hindi Grammar                       Bhartendu Harishchander

67 Father of English Language                    Geoffrey Chaucer

68 Father of Mensuration                            Leonard Digges

69 Father of Probability                              Girolamo Cardno

70 Father of English Grammar                    Lindely Murray

71 Father of Humanism                              Fransisco Petrarca

72 Father of New France                            Samuel  de Champlain

73 Father of Nuclear chemistry                 Otto Hahn

74 Father of Modern physics                   Galileo Galilei

75 Father of Modern Astronomy            Nicolas Copernicus

76 Father of  Computer   Science           Georg Boole And Alan Turning

77 Father of Nuclear science                  Marie Curies and Pierre Curies

78 Father of American Football              Waletr  Camp

79 Father of scientific management        Frederick winslow Taylor

80  Fatherof American constitution       James Madion

81 Father of numbers                             Pythagoras

83 Father of Laptop                               Bill Moggridge

84 Father of  modern Olympics              Pierre de Coubertin

85  Father of Electronics                         Michael Faraday

86 Father of Walter camp                       Geoffrey Chaucer

87 Father of nuclear Physics                    Ernest Rutherford

88 Father of Algebra                                 Mohammed  Izmmussel

89 Father of Psychology                           Sigmund Freud

90 Father of Plastic surgery                      Sir Harold Gillies

91 Father of Surgery                                  Sushruta

92 Father of Gazal
Mirza Galib

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