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Full Forms And Abbreviations For Competitive Exams

Full Forms And Abbreviations For Competitive Exams

In every  competitive exam one or two questions are expected from Full forms and Abbreviations. So in this post I have included various full forms and abbreviations , which will be very helpful for  exams such as SSC CGL SSC , CHSL And RRB NTPC Etc.

Water purifiers 

R O =    Reverse Osmosis
U V  =   Ultra Violet rays
U F  =   Ultra Filtration
M F  =   Micro  Filtration
N F  =    Nano Filtration
T D S  =  Total Dissolved Solids
B I S  =  Bureau of Indian standard

Computer and Information Technology

H T T P = Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
H T M L =  Hyper Text Markup Language
R A M = Random Access Memory
R O M = Read Only Memory
C A D =  Computer Aided Design
L A N = Local Area Network
W A N = Wide Area Network
D T P = Desk Top Publishing
K B =   Kilo  Byte
M B =  Mega Byte
G B  = Giga Byte
B I T = Binary Digits Task
A L U = Arithmetic Logical Unit
U P S = Unregulated Power Supply
P D S = Portable Document Format
WIFI = Wireless Fidelity
U S B =  Universal Serial  Bus
D O S = Disk Operating System
U P S = Uninterrupted Power Supply
D V D  = Digital Versatile Disc
I T  =  Information Technology
P C = Personal Computer
W W W   =  World Wide Web
M O D E M  = Modulator Demodulator
J P E G =  Joint Photographic Expert Group
PN G = Portable Network Graphic
U R L = Uniform Resource Locator


N A S A  = National Aeronautics and Space Administration
I S R O  = Indian Space Research Organisation
C F L = Compact Fluorescent Lamp
L C D = Liquefied Crystal Display
M W  = Medium Wave
S W = Short Wave
F M  = Frequency Modulation
A M = Amplitude Modulation
P M =  Phase Modulation
R D X = Research Department Explosive
Or  Royal Demolition Explosive
I C = Integrated Circuit
C N G = Compressed Natural Gas
L P G = Liquified Petrolium Gas
N A E P = National Atomic Energy Planning
A I D S = Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome
G S L V  = Geosynchronous  satellite launch vehicle
D R D O  = Defence Research and Development Organisation
B A R C  =  Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
G M  =  Genetically Modified
P S L V =  Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle


L H S = Left Hand Side
R H S = Right Hand Side
L C M = Lowest Common Multiple
H C F =  Highest Common Factor
D R = Direction Ratio
D C = Direction Cosine
A P =  Arithmetic Progression
G P =  Geometric Progression
H P =  Harmonic Progression
A M = Arithmetic Mean
G M = Geometric Mean
H M = Harmonic Mean
T Ratios = Trigonometric Ratios
P M I = Principle of Mathematical Induction
L D E = Linear Differential Equation
I F = =Integration Factor
C D = Common Difference
C R = Common Ratio
s. t.  = Such That
A / C =According to Conditions
A/ Q  = According to Questions
S D  = Shortest Distance / Standard Deviation


UIDAI = Unique Identification Authority of India
K Y C = Know Your Customer
I T R = Income Tax Return
I T O = Income Tax Officer
T D S = Tax Deducted at Source
E C S = Electronic Clearing Service
O T P = One Time Password
R B I = Reserve Bank of India
P A N = Permanent Account Number
A T M  = Automated Teller Machine
N P A =  Non Performing Asset
M I C R = Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
N E  F T = National Electronic Fund Transfer
R T G S = Real Time  Gross Settlement
O C R = Optical Character Recognition
O M R = Optical Mark Reader
I D B I  = Industrial Development Bank of India
N A B A R D = National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
N P S = New Pension Scheme
O P S = Old Pension Scheme
E O E = Errors and omissions Excepted
H O = Head Office

International organisations 

U N = United Nations
U N O = United Nations Organisation
UNICEF = United Nations Children's Fund
UNESCO = United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation
W T O = World Trade Organisation
W H O = World Health Organisation
G A T T = General Agreement on Tariff and Trade
S A A R C = South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
N A S A = National Aeronautics and Space Administration
N A T O =North Atlantic Treaty organisation
A S E A N = Association of South East Asian Nation


  FIFA = Federation Internationale de Footbal Association
SAI = Sports Authority of India
TTFI = Table Tennis Federation of India
BCCI = Board of Control for cricket in India
ICC = International Cricket Council
IPL= Indian Premier League
IBF = Indian Boxing Federation
WWE = World Wrestling Federation
VCA = Veteran Cricket Association
AITA = All India Tennis Association
CFI = Cycling Federation of India
SAFF = South Asian Football Federation
AAAA = Asian Amateur Athletics Association
AIBA = All India Boxing Association
DRS = Decision Review System
ESPN = Entertainment and Sports Programming Network
MCC = melbourne cricket club
NRAI = National Rifle Association of India
NSF = National Sports Federation
ODI = One Day International

Cable TV and Mobile Phone 

  S M S = Short Messaging Service
M M S = Multimedia Messaging Service
S T D  = Subscriber Trunk Dialling
S I M = Subscriber Identity  Module
C N N  = Cable News Network
G S M  = Global System of Mobile Communication
D T H = Direct To Home
C A S = Conditional Access System

Business and Commerce 

V A T = Value Added Tax
G S T = Goods and Sale Tax
V A S = Value Added Service
S  E B I = Securities and Exchange Board of India
S E Z = Special Economic Zone
H U D C O = Housing and Urban Development Corporation
O P E C  = Organisation  of  Petroleum Exporting Countries
A P E C = Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
E C B = External Commercial Borrowing
Forex = Foreign Exchange

Welfare Scheme 

G P F  = General Provident  Fund
E P F = Employee  Provident  Fund
C P F = Centre  Provident  Fund
I R D P = Integrated Rural Development Program
A P L =  Above Poverty Line
B P L = Below Poverty Line
S C =  Schedule Cast
S T =  Schedule Tribe
O B C = Other Backward Classes
U R = Un Reserved
W F F = Ward of Freedom Fighter


S D M = Sub Divisional Magistrate
B D O =  Block Development Officer
D C =   Deputy Commissioner
D M  = Divisional Magistrate
A C P = Assistant Commissioner of Police
D C P =  Deputy Commissioner of Police
D I G  = Deputy Inspector General
S P =  Superintendent of Police
D S P = Deputy Superintendent of Police
A S I =  Assistant Sub Inspector
S I =    Sub Inspector
I T O   = Income Tax Officer
I T C = Income Tax Commissioner


I C G = Indian Coast Guard
C D S = Combined Defense Service
N D A = Naval Defense Academy
I M A =  Indian Military Academy
O T A = Officer Training Academy
I A F =  Indian Air Force
N S A = National Testing Agency
I P S =  Indian Police Service
B S F =  Border Security Force
I T B P = Hindustan Tibet Border Police
C R P F = Central  Reserve Police Force
C I S F = Central Industrial Security Force
N S G = National Security Guard


I A S = Indian Administrative Service
T R A I   = Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
L T T E = Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam
J K L F =  Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front
L O C = Line Of Control
S I M I = Students Islamic Movement of India
I S I = Inter Services Intelligence
I P C = Indian Penal Code
INTERPOL  = International Police
R P F = Railway  Protection Force
NHAI = National Highways Authority of India
P O K =  Pak Occupied Kashmir
U S A  = United State of America
U S S R = Union of Soviet  Socialist Republics
U K  = United Kingdom
U A E  = United Arab Emirate
F A T A = Federally Administered Tribal Area
S A F T A = South Asian Free Trade Area
N E F A = North East Frontier Agency
F I R  =  First Information Report
V V P A T  = Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail
G P O = General Post Office
B P = Blood Pressure
a m = Ante Meridian
p m  = Post Meridian
H Q = Head Quarter
P P P = Public Private Partnership
M O U = Memorandum of Understanding
I L O  =  International Labour Organisation
N A S A = National Aeronautics and space administration
N G T  =  National Green Tribunal
C T B T = Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
U P A  = United Progressive Alliance
N D A = National Democratic Alliance
Lt Gov = Lieutenant Governor
D Lit  Doctorate of Literature
P I L =  Public Interest Litigation
R T O = Regional Transport Office
N R C = National Register of Citizens

यह भी जरुर पढ़ें  :-

Full Forms and Abbreviations

                          3                            4             

 5                          7                            8                  


 सामान्य ज्ञान अतिमहत्व पूर्ण प्रश्न

 1                           6                           11                       

12                         13                          14                         

 15                        16                          17                          

18                         19                          20                          

21                         22                          23                           

 24                        25                          26                          

 27                        30                          31                         

32                         34                          35                           

36                         37                          38                          

39                         40                          45                         

46                         47                          48                          

52                         53                          54                         

55                         57


हिमाचल प्रदेश सामान्य ज्ञान 

42                      43                       44                   

50                      51                       56                   

 60                     61                       64                  

66                      69                       73                   

76                      79                       84                  

86                      90                       95                    


Long Articles 

9                         10                             28                       

29                       41                             80                          


Multiple choice Questions    


58                       59                                63                        

65                       67                                68                        

70                       71                                75                       

87                        88                               89                        

91                        92                               93                         

100                      102                            103                         

General Science MC Questions and Answers

72                        74                          94              


Indian Constitution Questions and Answers



 Mahatma Gandhi Related Questions Answers

96                         97                   


 History Questions and Answers              

 62                       83                          99          


Current Affairs Questions Answers

 49                          77                           78                    

 81                           82                          85                      


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